The vast majority of disputes end through settlement rather than trial. Statistics show that settlements tend to be reached nearerTrial than Claim, but that all depends on the circumstances. Group acttions in the UK rarely settle early in the process. The reason for this is that defendants need to feel confident that a settlement will bring an and to the matter. They won’t feel confident of this until enough time has been given for a GLO register to close of for the claimants’ lawyers to be given enough time to recruit all potential claimants into the group. The last thing that defendants want is to settle one group action and then be faced with another. This is one reason why the class action systems in countries like Australia, Canada and the US work so well.

On the flip side, group actions here can be settled by negotiation and do not usually need a court to formally certify the settlement. This can make the process quicker if there is a desire to settle.

TYPICAL TIMESCALE – N/A. ADR can happen any time within the process.