Guide to the Legal Process



When claims are made to Courts in England & Wales, there are various predictable stages that they go through before the trial. These steps are designed to draw out the facts and issues in a logical way and to make sure that if cases do get to trial, the judge can be provided with everything needed to reach a decision.

To claimants involved in a group claim, it can sometimes seem like no progress is being made as the legal teams work their way through these stages. This overview is intended as a guide to explain what these stages are, what happens and how long they should take. Below is our LML Guide to the Legal Process:

Litigation stages

1. Investigation

2. Pre action correspondence (Protocol)

3. Claim

4. Defence

5. Case Management Conference

6. Disclosure

7. Witness statements

8. Expert reports

9. Pre trial review

10. Trial

11. Judgment

12. Enforcement

13. Distribution

14. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

15. Settlement

Overview of timescale