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Herbert Smith Freehills on Class Actions in the UK

Herbert Smith Freehills, one of the leading litigation firms in the world, have published their view that the UK class action market is “heating up in 2016”.

According the their report, the trends fuelling this growth are:

  • litigation funding on the rise with new players entering the market and existing funders raising significant funds,
  • growing enthusiasm to pursue class actions, including major shareholder claims,
  • the introduction of a new collective action procedures for competition claims (effective since October 2015), and
  • the emergence of class action tourism as claimants go in search of the litigant-friendly jurisdictions.

LML would endorse this view. There is certainly a rise in appetite for group litigation amongst potential claimants and solicitors, although we still learn of too many potential cases that do not progress as projects. The critical success factor that moves these cases from concept to delivery is planning. Without the expertise that can build recruitment, client management and funding into a viable plan, many potential actions wither on the vine.