Managing Group Actions

LML’s administration and management support services simplify the solicitor’s task. We communicate with the group of clients, leaving the legal team free to focus on the opposition. This enables the litigation to progress more efficiently.

The Problem

Collective redress is difficult to achieve in the Courts of England and Wales. Many solicitors are deterred from accepting and handling such cases due to the administrative burdens of dealing with a large group of claimants.

And even those firms with established expertise in conducting group litigation are met with challenges when organising, administering, communicating with, and managing large groups of clients.

The Solution

Litigation Management Limited (LML) assists in group or class actions which require efficient administrative support. We provide a comprehensive range of services and advice to claimants and litigation solicitors pursuing litigation of all types.

Besides offering experience as an outsourced provider, we can provide our services at more favourable terms when compared to solicitors' chargeable rates enabling them to concentrate solely on driving the case forward.


The LML Method

LML can offer either an individual service or a package tailored to the specific requirements including:

  • Recruiting additional claimants to group and class actions
  • Assisting in the formation and constitution of action groups
  • Ongoing co-ordination and administration of action groups
  • Database management
  • Communication with claimants
  • PR strategies

LML does this by employing advanced systems which:

  • record and manage data on behalf of all claimants
  • develop an instant line of communication with all claimants
  • provide solicitors with the ability to segregate clients into appropriate groupings.

LML also assists solicitors with their application for funding and ATE Insurance.