Essential to the conduct of any piece of litigation is adequate funding so that the claimant can match the resources available to a defendant, which in nearly all cases exceed those of the client.

The Problem

Without adequate funding, cases can be compromised in a number of ways:

  • "Economic terrorism" -  where one party simply tries to drain the financial resources of the other, forcing them to drop the case
  • Inappropriate legal team - where a litigant is forced into hiring a legal team based on cost but not expertise.

The solution

Litigation funding allows claimants to:

  • Security and equality of financial capability
  • A level playing field in terms of bargaining power
  • Off-balance sheet risk
  • The ability to fund business expansion without tying funds up in litigation

The LML Method

Through its association with LitFUNDING, LML can access a number of funding options, and with LML firmly representing the client, the various alternatives can be carefully evaluated and fair terms negotiated.

Equally important is the ability in the early stages of a dispute to provide 'security for costs'. This is a device used by wealthy defendants trying to snuff out a good case being brought against them.  Bond, insurance or Early Case Funding can be utilised to provide the antidote to such a strategy and LML can assist with either alternative.

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