RCI Action Group

LML manages the RCI Action Group which has grown phenomenally over the past couple of years with now over 12,000 members seeking recompense for losses suffered as a result of the unsatisfactory RCI exchange system.

Website: www.rciactiongroup.com

Click here to listen to LML’s Ben Hawkins interviewed on Radio 4’s “You and Yours” programme.


Although I have worked with a number of legal firms and lawyers during my professional life, this was the first group action that I had been involved with as a claimant, let alone the Chairman of the action group. I could never have anticipated the potential issues that LML guided us through: proactively, capably and successfully. I am comforted that the interests of our members are protected by LML's involvement and relieved that I and my colleagues have their strong support.

Mike Attenborough-Cox, Chairman, RCI Action Group